International Day Of Family Remittance

International Day Of Family Remittance

How Mukuru Connects Families Across Africa

The pandemic has had a significant impact on society as a whole. In particular, it has exacerbated the challenges that foreign nationals face every day. As a result, the restrictions set by the various governments have increased the need for a reliable remittance product, so that foreign nationals are assured that their money will be sent to their loved ones in their home countries. Notably, remittance is a vital service that enables foreign nationals to send money to their loved ones so that they can sustain themselves during these unprecedented times.  

For as many as 800 million foreign nationals all over Africa, Covid is so much more than a deadly disease – it has an immediate and devastating impact on their livelihood. It threatens their access to health, education, housing and nutrition. The International Day of Family Remittance (IDFR) places great emphasis on supporting foreign nationals in this regard. 

On 16 June, we celebrate (IDFR), a day that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. It recognises more than 200 million migrant workers, women and men, who send money home to over 800 million family members. This day further highlights the great resilience of migrant workers in the face of economic insecurities, natural and climate-related disasters and a global pandemic. 

Mukuru has taken up the baton by providing a remittance solution that is effective and places the customer at the very centre. 

Partnering with Humanitarian Organisations

Remittance serves as a vital lifeline to help the developing world. Mukuru’s objectives are to uplift and support families across Africa. In fact, by partnering with Humanitarian Organisations, Mukuru simply doesn’t provide lip service. 

In 2020, Mukuru began to work with a number of United Nations (UN) agencies and organisations including Finmark Trust and Action Contr La Fai. Mukuru’s reach capabilities are used to deliver a seamless process that guarantees on-time payments for some of the world’s most vulnerable recipients of humanitarian aid. 

At Mukuru we celebrate and uphold every aspect of what International Day of Family Remittance stands for, it’s in our DNA to provide the tools and create the innovations that will support families across Africa. In the coming years, we’ll do all that we can to expand our product line significantly – and continue to adhere to this cause.

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