Instant Money Transfers

Instant Money Transfers

We Offer Instant Money Transfers When Your Loved Ones Need Them Most

Here at Mukuru, we understand just how unpredictable life can be. We also know that for many of our customers living in the United Kingdom, it is important to help provide for and support family members living in uncertainty. As part of our vision to enable African expatriates with instant money transfers back home, we continually ensure that our services are affordable, simple to use, and ultra-convenient. With expanding services across Africa, we strive to improve the experience of all our customers when it comes to instant money transfersso that even when life’s surprises occur, you can support those back home.

Pay Things That Need Paying Today

It is a sad reality that there are still countless poorer communities in Africa in which families struggle to make ends meet. Living hand-to-mouth is a daily way of life for so many and paying for basic essentials such as food and electricity is not always doable. With our instant money transfers here at Mukuru, you can send money to loved ones who need assistance as soon as possible. This cash transfer can be for groceries, airtime, toiletries, and other necessities that could otherwise not be afforded. The best part is that with Mukuru, these transfers can be done 24/7.

Cover Important Fees and Bills

An unexpected doctor’s visit or an unforeseen emergency bill that arises can be devastating to individuals already living on the breadline. Outside financial support when it is most needed not only alleviates some of this financial pressure but becomes a valuable way to show one’s family one truly cares. By using Mukuru’s instant money transfers, you can send money from the United Kingdom to any one of the African countries that we service and have peace of mind knowing your recipient will receive their money in no time at all.

Plan for the Future

Using Mukuru is also a convenient way to plan ahead. Some migrants currently living in the UK relocated in search of better career or education opportunities and sending cash home monthly is for more than just groceries. It is a way to save money, work towards a dream such as building a house, or even investing in seeds for the next sowing season.

Spoil your Loved Ones with a Gift

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a nice surprise from someone who cares? Our instant money transfers are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking of them when it comes to those special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or celebrated holidays. While you may not be there in person, a small cash transfer allows you to be there for those you love in spirit.

You Can Trust Our Phenomenal Reputation

As a reputable financial services provider, we at Mukuru will assist you in moving cash into, out of, and around Africa. This can be done to top up a bank account or as an instant transfer for swift collection at one of our esteemed payout partners. Our wide range of services are quick, secure, and convenient – and you can sign up with us right now.

For more information on how we can help you with instant money transfers, be sure to contact us today.

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