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Corporate Social Investment

Bridging Borders, Fueling Dreams


  • Make a positive impact on society by giving back to those we serve.  This includes our employees, customers, communities, government, and future generations.
  • Advancing individuals and families by improving their financial experience.
  • Empower our employees to give back.

Goal: SD10 Reduce Inequalities

Ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
Financial Inclusion:
Advancing individuals and families by improving their financial experience.
Employee Engagement:
Empower our employees to give back.

Sponsorship or Donation Requests 

At Mukuru, our CSI projects are based on bridging borders and fueling dreams across the territories and in the communities that we serve. Our CSI strategy is aligned with our organisational values, and we strive to provide the emerging consumer access to affordable and reliable financial services.  Our CSI pillars are based on contributing to an inclusive and equitable education that promotes lifelong learning opportunities, and financial inclusion that boosts prosperity and reduces poverty.

Should you believe that your organisation fits within the ambit of our CSI strategy, and you are a registered non-profit organisation, please send us a formal proposal along with the necessary documentation and examples of previous work/projects. 

Proposals can be mailed to [email protected].

The Mukuru Education Fund

The Mukuru Education Fund aims to reduce inequalities by providing financial assistance and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for Africans in tech. We are awarding 15 bursaries to students to pursue their studies at a university or technical university of their choice in South Africa in 2024.