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The Mukuru App is FREE to download and is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Trusted & Secure

Our app makes use of industry-leading technology, protecting your money at all times

Track Your Transfers

See all your recent transactions and their status so you always know the status of your money transfer

Reach & Accessibility

Send money to your family back home – anytime, anywhere

No Hidden Costs

No hidden fees or collection fees when recipients collect cash at our Mukuru Branches and Booths

Send Money

Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7 From Your Phone

Mukuru Money Transfers Made Convenient

The Mukuru App allows you to send money home to your loved ones’ mobile wallets, bank accounts or as cash collection safely across three continents.

With Our App You Can:

  • Register for a Mukuru account
  • Create, send money and track your Mukuru orders
  • Update your profile
  • Add and edit recipient details
  • Reset your password on the go
  • Search for payment or cash collection partners
  • Effortlessly increase your sending limits in minutes by uploading relevant documents

The Mukuru Money Transfer App helps you send money to friends and family from South Africa and The United Kingdom to Africa, Europe and Asia. Sending money with Mukuru is fast, safe and guaranteed.

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