Transfer Money For Collection

Transfer Money For Collection

Need to Transfer Money for Collection Today? Set Up an Account with Mukuru

With millions of migrants currently living all across the globe, it has become more essential than ever to stay in touch with loved ones back home. For many, it is also just as important to show family and friends back in their home country how much they care through financial support. There are also many ways to send cash to someone, such as interbank transfers. This becomes an issue, however, when not everyone has access to mainstream financial institutions such as banks. Here at Mukuru, our services are geared towards people who are looking for quick, affordable, and convenient money remittances services. What makes us a preferred company, of course, is how easy it is to set up an account with us right now. This means that choosing to transfer money for collection through us is no hassle at all.

Registering with Us

We aim to make our sign-up process a breeze in order for our services to be accessible to anyone who needs them. We also have three different account types from which you can choose according to your requirements. Once your account is activated, you can transfer money for collection to any one of the African countries we service.

Option 1: The Lite Account

Our Lite account type allows customers to transfer up to £600 per month. This kind of account is the simplest to set up as it does not require that our customers provide any additional documentation. All registration of the Lite account requires is basic information, such as your identity number, name, and mobile number. Signing up is so easy, in fact, you won’t need more than a few minutes.

Option 2: The Core Account

Our Core account type allows customers to send between £600 and £4 000 per month. Because we are a reputable money remittances company, we are obligated by HMRC UK Laws and Regulations to request and validate more detailed information for accounts that transfer more than £600 monthly. We therefore will require proof of identity in the form of an international passport, UK passport, or UK driver’s licence. We make uploading your identity document easy with online software that will validate both your identity and address. If your address cannot be validated, you will need to upload a document with proof of your address. Fortunately, this entire process can be handled online, and once your account is activated, you are free to transfer money for collection to your designated recipient.

Option 3: The Max Account

Customers who wish to send over £4 000 per month will also need to provide proof of source of funds documentation. Acceptable forms include bank statements or payslips of the last three months, a deed of sale, or any other appropriate documentation. Before you can upload this documentation, however, you will first need to ensure you successfully increase your spending limit to £4 000 per month in your Core account.

Sending Cash for Collection

When you sign up and transfer money for collection with Mukuru, your first transaction is transfer-fee free. You are then free to send money to any of the African countries we service, no matter the time of day or night. Our secure website ensures your information is kept safe, and you need not worry about your money reaching its destination once you send it. Your chosen recipient is then free to collect their cash at any Mukuru payout partner across Africa, including our very own Mukuru Orange Booths.

With Mukuru, signing up is quick, transferring funds is safe and easy, and collection is accessible. It is for this peace of mind that so many customers across the United Kingdom and Africa prefer Mukuru over other money remittances companies. If you would like to transfer money today, be sure to contact us for any help you may require.

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