Mukuru Funeral Benefit

Get REWARDED with our Mukuru Funeral Benefit worth up to R15 000 at ZERO COST TO YOU when sending over R700 EVERY MONTH.

Mukuru is rising to meet one of our customer’s greatest needs – introducing our MUKURU FUNERAL BENEFIT for all our customers in South Africa, at ZERO COST TO YOU!

The monthly benefit is worth up to R15 000 and will payout the following amounts to your beneficiary in the event of death.

  • R5 000 natural death – to the beneficiary in the event of the Mukuru customer/sender passing away.
  • R5 000 accidental death – the beneficiary will be paid R5 000 in the event of the sender passing away due to accidental death. The initial R5 000 will also be paid for the death benefit so the total payout to the beneficiary will be R10 000.
  • R5 000 riots – in the event that the sender passes away due to a riot, the payout will be R5 000 payout for their death, another R5 000 because it was an accidental death, and the additional R5 000 as they passed away in a riot.


  • Create an international Mukuru money transfer order of R700 or more on our Whatsapp or USSD channel
  • Pay for it at any one of our Mukuru branches, using your Mukuru Card or at one of our partners
  • Opt into our Rewards Programme and complete the details of your beneficiary. That’s it!
  • To maintain the benefit, you need to send R700 or more every month.

Please note: The benefit will cover you, as the sender, for the following month.  So, if you send over R700 on 5 September, the benefit will start on 1 October and the beneficiary will be paid out the respective amount should you pass away during the month of October.

Ways to sign up for FREE

Whatsapp: +2786 001 8555
USSD: *130*567#

Already sent over R700?

Congratulations! Please ensure you have opted into our rewards programme and update your beneficiary details (Main Menu – Insurance – Mukuru Funeral Benefit) by clicking here.

Also, make sure that you have updated your beneficiary details here.

Mukuru Funeral Cover

We believe everyone matters, which is why Mukuru Funeral Cover will give you peace of mind knowing that your extended family members can also be covered. To apply for Mukuru Funeral cover, click here.


  • You must be a Mukuru customer to be eligible for this benefit visit self-service platforms: Main Menu- Insurance- Mukuru Funeral Benefit (Whatsapp, USSD) for more information and T&Cs
  • For now, customers will only qualify for the benefit if they create their order via Whatsapp and USSD. We are working on having it on the App and we will notify customers as soon as it’s live
  • Customers sending money internationally will qualify for the Mukuru Funeral Benefit only
  • Under this Mukuru Funeral Benefit, customers will be covered for one calendar month only
  • Customers do not automatically qualify for the full R15 000 cover. The R5 000 funeral cover is a guaranteed amount. The cause of death shall determine if the accidental death cover and/or death due to riots-cover is to be paid out.
  • Mukuru Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorised FSP (FSP 45517).  Underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, an authorised financial services provider (FSP 76) and licensed life insurer. Administered by Siyavika Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd (FSP 44999).


Is there any paperwork that needs to be filled in?

  • You will be prompted to join the Mukuru Rewards program after a qualifying send, once you consent you will get an SMS to add a beneficiary and view T&Cs on the Mukuru Self-Help Menu
  • You also need to complete the details of the beneficiary that you want the money to be paid to.
  • The beneficiary must be based in South Africa 
  • Then you just need to send one international money transfer order of R700 or more every month to keep your benefit active.

Can I add my mom to this benefit as well?

  • This free Funeral Benefit will only pay-out in the event that the sender passes away, it does not cover family members but will pay out to the beneficiary that the sender listed.
  • The beneficiary must live in South Africa. However, Mukuru does have Funeral Cover options available for customers that can cover your extended family.

I created my money transfer order via the Mukuru App and now I see that I’m not being covered by this benefit?

  • For now, you will only qualify for the Benefit if you create your order via Whatsapp and USSD. We are working on having it on the App and we will notify you as soon as it’s live

I sent a local money transfer of R800 to my cousin who lives in South Africa too – but I didn’t get the Funeral Benefit?

  • Customers sending money locally within South Africa A do not qualify for this benefit. Only customers sending money internationally will qualify for the Mukuru Funeral Benefit

What does it cost?

  • It’s FREE, you don’t need to pay for this benefit, it is part of the Mukuru Rewards Programme.
  • To qualify, all you need to do is send R700 or more every month

Can I change my beneficiary? 

  • Yes, you can use the Self-Service Channel on WhatsApp or USSD to change your beneficiary and beneficiary details at any time.

Can my beneficiary be non-South African?

  • Yes, a beneficiary can be a non-South African however must be residing in South Africa

I have sent R700 total this month but did not qualify again for the Mukuru funeral cover? 

  • Double-check the amounts sent. One of the money transfer orders must be a minimum amount of R700 and it would need to be sent to an international recipient (not locally in South Africa) to qualify.
  • Moreover, you need to consent to be part of the Mukuru rewards program when you qualified for the benefit. Want to consent, visit our Self-Help Menu > Insurance> Mukuru Funeral Benefit and consent now 

How to claim

Call us on 086 001 8556 or email us directly at [email protected]

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE MUKURU FUNERAL BENEFIT: Contact 086 001 8556 OR request a callback or live chat functionality on WhatsApp via option 5>Help Me

 Mukuru Funeral Benefit is only available to customers in South Africa.