Mukuru Card

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With your Mukuru Card you can:

Receive your salary with a Mukuru Card

Receive your salary

Save Money with your Mukuru Card

Save Money

Send Money Home

Send Money Home

Swipe for Free at Retailers

Buy Airtime & Electricity

Withdraw and deposit cash

Withdraw & Deposit Cash

Pay DSTV with your Mukuru Card


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How to Use the Mukuru Card

Receive your Salary in Your Mukuru Card

Your salary can be paid directly into your Mukuru Card!

Give your employer the information below to do an EFT deposit into your Mukuru Card:

  • Bank Name: Access Bank (previously Grobank)
  • Beneficiary Name: Your name
  • Account Number: Your unique 11 digit Mukuru Money Number
  • Branch Code: 410506

Your Mukuru Money Number is NOT an account number. It is your unique customer number linked to your debit card.

To see your unique 11 digit Mukuru Money Number:

  • Dial *130*567#, choose the Mukuru Card option and then select EFT account details
  • Dial +27(0)86 001 8555

How to load your Mukuru Card with Cash

  • Make a deposit wiCode request by dialing *130*567# and select Option 3 for the Mukuru Card Option
  • Select Option 1 for “Deposit Cash” or transact via the Mukuru App
  • Wait for your SMS with a wiCode
  • Go into any Shoprite / Checkers / Usave and give your wiCode and cash to the teller
  • Funds are instantly loaded onto your Mukuru card

How to Withdraw Cash from your Card at a Shoprite / Checkers / Usave till point

  • Make a withdrawal wiCode request by dialing *130*567#, select Option 3 for Mukuru Card
  • Select Option 2 for “Withdraw Cash” or transact via the Mukuru App
  • Wait for your SMS with a wiCode
  • Go into any Shoprite / Checkers / Usave and give your wiCode and get cash from the teller
  • Funds are reserved from your Mukuru Card

The wiCode remains VALID FOR 7 DAYS

How does the Cashier complete my wiCode Transaction?

  • Tell the cashier that you want to deposit / withdraw money / buy groceries using a wiCode
  • Cashier clicks the Menu button on the point of sale
  • Hand the teller the amount to load
  • Cashier clicks the mobile deposit button
  • Cashier then calls the Supervisor to authorise the transaction
  • Cashier then enters and confirms the deposit / withdrawal / grocery payment amount

Mukuru Card Limits

  1. Maximum balance per card: R25,000
    • Balance on the card should never exceed R25,000 at any given point
  2. Maximum monthly load per card: R25,000
    • Maximum load per card per month should not exceed R25,000
  3. Maximum daily ATM withdrawal per card: R5,000
    • POS transactions are unlimited
    • Minimum deposit of R100

Send and Receive Money from Abroad

Senders in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the UK can send money to you by selecting ‘Mukuru Card’ as the payment option.

Anyone with an active Mukuru Card can receive a remittance from abroad, directly into their account, 24/7. Instant remittance means you are covered in an emergency.

Swiping your card at retailers is free!

How to Pay Employees with the Mukuru Card

Making payments to employees who have a Mukuru Card is as simple as doing an EFT. Each Mukuru Card comes with its own Mukuru Money Number provided by Access Bank ( This means you can use your online banking portal or any payroll system to make payments directly to your employees.

A Mukuru Money Card enables
Employers to: Employees to: 
Pay wages and salaries easily and securely. Add foreign nationals or “unbanked” workers to your formal payroll. Set up automatic salary payments.Receive their wages or salary directly onto their card. Save their money safely. Send money locally and internationally. Swipe at retailers at no additional cost. Buy airtime from their mobile phone. Withdraw cash at ATMs. Withdraw and deposit cash at any Shoprite / Checkers outlet.

How can I get my Employees a Mukuru Money Card? 

To start paying your employees easily and safely, call us on 0878078327

Alternatively, If you would like us to contact you, please fill out the form below so we can assist you with the Mukuru Card.

Mukuru Card Fees

View our current Mukuru Card Fees.

This account DOES NOT SUPPORT:

  • Direct Debit
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Payments
  • Wire transfers to other banks
  • International Bank Transfers

To find out more, read our Frequently Asked Questions
about the Mukuru Card or download our brochure

Need More Information?

Consult the Mukuru Card Terms and Conditions. Mukuru is an authorised financial services provider (45517)


Helpful Hints

  • You must sign the back of the card in ink immediately when you receive it. 
  • When using POS devices, always check that the card returned to you is yours.
  • Report lost or stolen cards or those not returned by calling 086 001 8555. Similarly, if your PIN has been compromised, stop your card immediately.
  • Only enter your PIN when prompted to do so by the POS device. 
  • Do not disclose your PIN number/s to anyone. To reset your USSD secret PIN, call 086 001 8555 or chat to a consultant on our Mukuru App for assistance.
  • You must memorise your PIN or keep a record of it in a safe place, separate from your card. Do not give your PIN to anyone (even family members).
  • You must keep us updated with your personal information so you can continue to receive product updates.